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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! The Official Rules of This Here Forum!

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1) Rules may be periodically updated.  While I'll try to keep all informed, please check the "Last Update" date occasionally.

2) Forumotion.com's Terms of Service (especially the "Illicit contents" and "Limitations of the services" sections) offers several examples of behavior that will get the user banned immediately.

3) Please use the most relevant forum when starting a thread and concise, accurate thread titles.  Do not post a thread in more than one forum.  While people do sometimes accidentally double post, please delete the extraneous post or thread soonest if you do so.

4) The above includes reporting rule infractions and appealing moderator decisions.  

5) Although all are welcome to reply to threads in the non-"[OPEN]" forums, permission to start threads in these forums is restricted to the Administrator.  I will, however, consider moving threads from an [OPEN] forum to a non-"[OPEN]" forum if the original poster sends me a private message requesting me to do so.

6) Administrator decisions are final.  Attempting to circumvent a suspension or ban (e.g., by using an alternate account, using someone else's account or allowing someone who has been suspended or banned to use your own account, or posting for someone who has been banned or suspended) is prohibited.

7) No insults or personal attacks or responding to such (reporting them is fine, although remember that they usually say more about the person making them than the person at whom they are directed).

8) No advertising or soliciting (including, but not limited to, referral links and fundraising of any sort).

9) Members are encouraged to introduce themselves in the Intros forum.  

10) Please try to use proper grammar and netiquette to help facilitate communication, which includes no ALL CAPS, leet, or pervasive txt-style writing.  If you are a non-native English speaker, please make a note of that in your Intro thread.

11) Please keep all language, links, pictures and anything else you post on here PG-13.

12) Please don't make me have to make formal rules for signatures. As long as they follow all of the above rules and aren't too big or distracting, they should be o.k. If you're not sure, please send me a private message first.

Important message especially for all Christians who post here:
Please talk to people of other beliefs as you would like them to talk to you.

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